In the process of submitting some of my short stories to magazines.  As they get published, I hope to share them with you as soon as I am able.  Most of them are Science Fiction stories with some horror (zombie, vampire, etc.).  Some stories came from my screenplays and some are meant to be turned into novels.

I have also selected some of my short stories to be produced into a podcast show.  Please join my newsletter to find out when I will begin producing them. 

Science Fiction

I have various science fiction short stories about planets, galaxies, time travel, portals, aliens and robots. They usually have strong themes, creative settings, a meaningful message and characters who have a purpose.  I enjoyed them; I hope you do too.


Most of my horror is about zombies and vampires; however I have written short stories closer to pure horror but not many.  With that said, I have ghost and paranormal short stories in my collection too.  I also like to combine all of the genres of science fiction, horror and paranormal.