Author: Larry Oz

Larry Oz is an author, screenwriter and artist living in Southern California.  He started his career in screenwriting and loves writing great stories, drama and comedy.  

His work eventually led to writing novels, graphic novels and short stories.  As far as drawing and painting he did that most of his life and is now doing it full time.  

Some people ask him, “Are you a writer or artist?”  "Well," he would say.  "I’m both since I write when caffeinated and draw when not writing.

What I Believe

If you write great stories people will read them.  Concept, setting, and prose go far, but a story should always be the foundation.  Oh, yeah, and a little voice and attitude makes everything more enjoyable.

Get Connected

As a writer I am very active in social media, so I will follow back writers and artists within our creative community.